the faded man

por Cristina Bresser

Postado em 25 de Novembro de 2017 às 20:29

edinburgh becomes real. the rain, before a grey lead threat, now wash the faded walls. it
bursts through the storm drains, flooding the miserable feet of the ones who risk going
outside of the buildings.

soaked, but rather than care about the pool of dirty water around his shiny boots, the first
thing he questions is the scream in the air. a strange whisper. a dirge, a crow? a seagull,

he hopes his guest feels comfortable. relaxed, if possible. it’s the only way to achieve his
long awaited purpose. proud people are easy to handle. just flatter them into doing
exactly what is expected of them.

he is sitting, looking out the window, while his shadow insinuates itself behind him.
nothing changes in that city. neither the weather nor the scenery. soon, the much awaited
invitee will come, a proud man.

he is sitting there staring out the window. nothing ever changes in this unreal city.
neither the weather nor the scenery. today, at last, the expected guest arrives. he wants
his guest to feel comfortable, relaxed if possible. the first question he asks is about the
sound, high in the air— that awkward murmur of lamentation.acrow? a seagull, perhaps?

the city becomes real.

Red Queen Literary magazine, 25-11-2017


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