The Eternal Embrace

por Cristina Bresser

Postado em 12 de Abril de 2018 às 19:28

He came to take me with him. I wish he had not. Deep inside, I was praying that he would never show up again. Ever. I wanted him to let me down. However, he came to rescue me, as he had promised he would.


 I could not hide my glee, my insane joy. He took me in his arms and we walked together to the top of the city wall. It was the only way out. When I looked down, I lost the courage. I could not jump. The black Labrador threw himself over the wall. He emerged and started swimming on the lake.


My love understood I was not going to jump. He could interpret my silence. Words were secondary since the day we met for the first time in this life. He held me tight.


He was so strong. He looked scary in that gray leather rudimentary apparel, his giant feet in those rough shoes. To me, he was handsome. I could perceive his generous soul, his immense love for me. It was impregnated in his skin.


It was an eternal embrace. We knew we were meant to meet again in many forthcoming lives. He told me: “I will be back”. And jumped.

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