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Temple of The Power of The Savior-Worship services:

Mondays of Financial Growth

Thou shalt share the fruit of thy labor, conquered through the sweat of thy face, with thy less privileged brothers and thou will pay monthly tithing to thy pastor, because all the wealth is Property of Jesus. Do not forget to bring thy Lord’s Credit Card to be immensely blessed.

Tuesdays of the Urgent Miracles

Thou shalt be faithful, pray and contribute generously with thy church’s deeds and thou shall see that miracles only happen for those who believe in Him. Nothing is impossible for the One who is The Savior.

Wednesdays of the Spiritual Awakening

Watch and Pray. Thou shalt kneel at the feet of the Divine Creator and beg for forgiveness for thy sea of sins. Thou must monitor not only thy deeds but also those of thy neighbors, thy relatives and thy friends ‘, because the Fox always disguises itself as a lamb.

Thursday of the Family Harmony

Thou shalt not only be honest but thou shalt seem honest, too. As well as thy wife and thy daughter must look virtuous. Pray and work for the Savior to cover thou and thy family with prosperity blessings. Beg Our Father to keep the black sheep away from thy family, so they will not deviate from the straight and narrow path., they will not fall into the temptation of the gambling vice, of the drugs and the alcohol vice or the worst of all, the sodomy path.

Friday of the Total Liberation

Thou shalt be liberated from all sin, from all the bad thought, and from every sinful desire. On the weekday that the infidels celebrate the Debauchery’s International Day, collect thou in prayer and supplicate God to get rid of all evil. If the spirit is willing but the meat is weak and thou fall into temptation, thou shalt not let anybody take thy picture or at least, thou shalt not let anybody tag you in Facebook or Instagram. What the eye of another believer does not see…Amen.

Saturday of the Impossible Cases

Thou must have faith and pray with fervor for the Messiah because nothing is impossible. Pray for the Gay Cure for the Trump Go Home, for the Construction of the Sacred Wall between the United States of America and Mexico and for the Jets win the Super Bowl one day. Thou not waver, and repeat: I can reach all things through Christ who strengthens me. Praise the Lord.

Sunday: Be Thou a Blessing

Since thou were created in the image of the Father, be a well of kindness, mercy, and generosity. Thou not refrain from collaborating with the works of the Lord’s House and with the alms box, our object of praise and worship to the Savior. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!


Cristina Bresser de Campos is Brazilian, graduated by Universidade Federal in Graphic Design. Creative Writing at University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Two published books: “Quase tudo é risível”, novel in Portuguese, 2016. “Hand Luggage”, novel in English published by Ricky’s Back Yard, in 2018. Short stories, photographs and poems published by Brazilian, Canadian, Australian, American, British, Greek and Indian literary magazines.

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