Sea is feminine

por Cristina Bresser

Postado em 05 de Julho de 2017 às 18:34

today i understood why the french call the sea la mère. the sea is feminine, no doubt. what we call a hangover, is pms. calmness is a result of a night of burning love with the sun - all hidden, while the moon shines. next morning, enjoying the peace, spread on the sand shards of stars’ outer party leftovers. the sea is the mother who rocks with her wavy waters. is there a better lap, than a mother’s lap? mother nature, omnipotent. generous - almost always, rigorous if disrespected. time passes by so fast that life hardly notices it. on the beach, it slows down and lets life walk on the sand, slow, warmed by the sun, refreshed by the sea breeze. walking with difficulty on the seashore comes the peanut’s vendor. he walks on toes left to make it up for the additional centimeters of the right leg. he carries a basket full of sweets and savoury delights. he has long created callus in his shoulders, but in the coming year, he will retire. then, he will sit on the sand and instead of a heavy burden, he will hold one, or some, cans of cold beer in his hands. the ice cream saleswoman has more than 700 songs on her playlist. when she walks along a band of desert sand, she turns it up, because it has a bit of everything in this selection, including rock and roll. the old tidbits lady has her arms tired of carrying the basket of snacks for thirty long years. today she comes to the beach accompanied by her granddaughter, but she's the one who pushes the cart once again. the girl passes by holding a parasol in her left hand and types on her cell with the right one. above all, the birdman, who was forbidden to fly around here. stubborn, he plants the windsock in the sand and takes off with his paramotoring, for a moment of peace. above in the sky, he notices shoals only dreamed by fishermen, a secret between him and mother nature. finally us, swimmers on the sand, protected by colorful canvas mushrooms. we spent the day watching tiny fast crabs and giving shade to stray dogs that roam around the beach. these are the captains of the sand. as soon as daylight comes, they get crazy in the creek’s waters that flow to the sea. they run, roll and bark, celebrating another day of life in the summer.


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