Our Straightjacket Love

por Cristina Bresser

Postado em 08 de de 2017 às 21:37

We never walk hand-in-hand, we are zombies in a hypnotic routine

It steals our dreams, it ruins our agenda

Performing ordinary tasks in a non-future vacuum

I always read the previous day's papers, picked up in the trash.

No problem, life has no hurry. Yesterday things still exist today.

What is left is my dirty finger-paint, leaving fingerprints on the water.

I need to shave. I need a new face.

Our shoulders touched, so embarrassing

I looked into her eyes but I did not see me reflected there.

What a saw were her first wrinkles. Embarrassing.

I need to get out of here. As soon as now.

It is so tight that it does not fit anymore

Our straightjacket love.



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