Multilayer Love

por Cristina Bresser

Postado em 07 de Dezembro de 2018 às 18:21

Your cleavage shuts my mouth,

I will wait for you to be warm

This volcano in the middle of our thighs.

Time seems not to have past.

Yesterday, today, a never-ending merry-go-round.


I accept love,

Love, as nobody has ever loved before,

Love that runs smooth and revive me,

Love that dares my historical disposition

To destroy silent loves.


My love has wings yours has an anchor.

I make looping, you are planted in the shore.

However, we never give up: you, my fake space.

I, your unlikely port.

Because not always salt water is sea or tears.


I woke up searching for love

I stretched my arms trying to reach a warm body

I only touched the love storybooks I was reading last night.


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