Hand Luggage, a novel

por Cristina Bresser

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Roberta has been through a lot in her time. An alcoholic mother, abusive marriages, and a stormy relationship with her daughter. Now she is on a journey to reconnect with herself, to rediscover herself, to renew the relationships in her life (her mother, her daughter, her friend), and to try to find romance along the way. Hand Luggage is the story of one woman’s determination to take control of her life.

The story begins during Roberta’s trip to Canada, where she is going to meet her daughter, with whom she lost emotional connections years ago. This book’s essence is about abandoning a make believe world, taking responsibility  for one’s choices, choosing to value what is truly worthy in life, changing destiny no matter what age a person is and most of all, making peace with the past in order to build a real future, not an unreachable fairy tale.


“The most complicated relationship in human existence has got to be that between mother and daughter and poor Roberta is getting it on both ends. Roberta responds with a courage and honesty that is relatable and endearing” Vicky Pipher Moore.


“Cristina’s voice is genuine and strong. Cristina, through Roberta, gives us all who have lived through abuse, hope that some day we too will be able to live again.” Jenny Thompson


“This is the story that doesn’t make the news but needs to be told. It is the raw nerve of the unsung, the abused, and the ripples of abuse that can send waves through generations. Roberta is the heroine that so many romantic novels desperately needs.” Jim Phoenix


“Hand Luggage explores the interpersonal relationships that we all face in our life. It isn’t a story of victimhood, but a celebration of survival and a renewal of life.” Lamar Jenkin


https://www.rickysbackyard.com/product/hand-luggage-cristina-bresser-de-campos/ (ebook)

https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/1989225063/ref=sr_1_2_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1534678960&sr=8-2&keywords=cristina+bresser+de+campos (paperback)


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